Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well Hello There!

Hey all. It's been a pretty busy month! My birthday came and went, and one of my presents was a mini-getaway at the coast in Waldport with the fam. It was so fun, weather was so nice, and the place we stayed at was great. I think June really enjoyed her first trip to the ocean. Even though she slept her way through her first visit to the beach, I think she got the general idea.

June has been changing a lot! Babies do that, I hear. She's so much more alert and in tune with her surroundings. She's turning into a happy yet tough little cookie.

Fun fact: Last year on this very day I found out I was pregnant with Miss June. What a difference a year makes!

I'll post more pictures later when I have a bit more time. Hope all is well wherever you are!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To The Tune of Old Man by Neil Young:

I forgot to mention that June really seems to love Neil Young. It has put her to sleep the past four nights in a row. And I mean "put her to sleep" in the best way possible. Anyhow, I made up a little song in order to help with the bottle challenge:

(As sung to June by the bottle)


Oh June, take a look at my bottle, I'm a lot like booooooob.

I need someone to nurse me the whole night throuuuuugh.

Happy February!

Hey all! Things around here are pretty nice. Nice weather, nice baby, nice nice nice. Gearing up to head back to work in a few weeks. Yet another transition to make! I hope it goes smoothly. As of right now we are dealing with some bottle issues (specifically: she hates it) so we have about three weeks to get her to love that surrogate milk provider. I have a feeling that's NEVER going to happen, but if worse comes to worse we'll just have to feed her like a little birdie. Fun times! I don't blame her though... There's nothing too natural about a bottle, so I wouldn't expect it to be something that comes very easily, if at all.

Anyhoo, here are some pics. June is getting distracted by just about everything these days. You can literally see the wheels turning in her head when she fixates on something. She's "talking" a lot. Loves the sound of her own voice. She's still a firecracker of a baby. But a sweet firecracker. I don't think that's going to change anytime soon! All in all it's been really fun watching her take everything in. Fun and funny and sweet.

Here are some more pictures, take care all!

Almost three months old...

Future couch potato? Let's hope not.

She hates Oprah, she's more of an Ellen girl.

June with Grandma Jan!