Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well Hello There!

Hey all. It's been a pretty busy month! My birthday came and went, and one of my presents was a mini-getaway at the coast in Waldport with the fam. It was so fun, weather was so nice, and the place we stayed at was great. I think June really enjoyed her first trip to the ocean. Even though she slept her way through her first visit to the beach, I think she got the general idea.

June has been changing a lot! Babies do that, I hear. She's so much more alert and in tune with her surroundings. She's turning into a happy yet tough little cookie.

Fun fact: Last year on this very day I found out I was pregnant with Miss June. What a difference a year makes!

I'll post more pictures later when I have a bit more time. Hope all is well wherever you are!

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