Thursday, January 27, 2011

Summertime fun in January.

I don't know what the hell is going on or who I have to thank but today was BEAUTIFUL! June and I took full advantage with a day filled with walks, car rides with windows rolled down, and even chilling in the front yard playpen style. Thanks, Sun! You really make a difference in the lives of us gloomy Northwesterners when you decide to come out.

Katie and June

Long day...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Few More... GO SOX!

I wanted to take a picture of June wearing her cute Red Sox onesies that Uncle Jon got her. Then I went a little overboard. Oh well.

Girl Smiley

Hey all! June has been smiling a lot lately. She is soooooo close to laughing, though we are not *quite* there yet. Soon!

Anyhow, as an obsessive first-time mom on maternity leave, I am obligated to take WAAAAY too many baby pictures  and post them on this blog/Facebook... Now that we have gotten over the six-week hump, Miss June has turned into a somewhat reliable napper and has been letting me put her down every once in a while--which has given me some actual free time. And also gives me a chance to go to the bathroom and/or make a quick PB&J. Thanks Baby! Anyhow, I guess I should post as many pictures as possible right now... for when I go back to work I have a feeling things are going to get MUCH crazier and I wont have as much free time.

Speaking of, it's only one more month until I head back to work. It doesn't seem possible, but she's almost two months old and doing quite well, becoming more alert to the world, crying much less, and smiling a lot. This little gal melts my heart about 7 million times a day. Love her!

Until next time! XO

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vacuum Fun

June is what her MD calls "colicky"--which is basically another term for "likes to cry a lot" or "who knows what's bothering her". I prefer to call her crying stints "sparkle time" or even "sparkle magic"... I don't know, it makes me laugh. Anyhow, as a Sparkler, she enjoys the sounds of the vacuum cleaner. I've been running that thing pretty frequently these days. So much so that it's making the house smell funny. So I decided to buy a track on iTunes called, quite simply "vacuum cleaner". It does the trick! Another trick I've learned is to put the car radio on static and turn it up REALLY loud. The white noise really calms her down. There are so many funny little tricks I've picked up on. Maybe one day I'll write a list. Till next time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year! It was pretty low-key for us. We spent some time with friends then went home and slept. June pretty much slept through her first New Year's Eve party, but we thank her for letting us hang out and socialize. On New Year's Day June and I woke up early and watched the Rose Parade. This is something I did every year when I was a kid, but sort of fell out of the habit in my older years (hangovers and early morning Rose Parades do not go hand in hand). I am happy to initiate this tradition once again! I think next year June will understand whats going on a little better being that she is only seven weeks old at this point.

June is great, her personality is quite similar to her father (uh oh!). Even though it's still fairly early in her life I can already tell that she will be a pensive little girl. She's always furrowing her brow just like Dusty. She has pretty much been furrowing since day one. Just thinking about stuff... Soaking it all in. She is learning how to smile and has been flashing her gums often! She laughed in her sleep last night, though I've yet to hear a waking laugh out of her. She has "happy gasps" at the moment, but I try to make her laugh--real laugh, every day! It's pretty much my goal in life right now. She thrives on routine, I believe. Take her out of her comfort zone and she doesn't like it very much. Which is a personality trait gifted to June from yours truly. But overall she is her own little person, and I just love seeing all of the new personality traits appear day by day.

She's also HUGE! She is comfortably fitting into 6-9 month onesies at this point. She has very long legs. She is a very long baby. She's a little over 13 pounds right now. I can't wait till summer when she can just go naked! I think she's excited, too. She really seems to love being buck naked... Which makes sense since that's how she came into this world, right? None of her onesies seem to fit in the legs, too short!

Grandmas Laura and Jan and Grandpa Doug have been watching June once a week in preparation for when I go back to work in February. It's nice because it gives D and I a chance to get out and run errands, go to dinner, etc... We thank our families sooooo much for the support. It's been a real lifesaver in these early and hectic months to get a little break in every once in a while.

Anyhoo, here are some semi-recent pictures... We just got a new video camera so be expecting some exclusive June Lynlee footage in the very near future. I hope everyone has a great New Year and it brings nothing but love, happiness and money... lots of money. Ha!


Here's June's FAVORITE spot, her carseat. She only naps in the carseat and looooooves being strolled around in it:

WTF Mom? I'm trying to nap here:

She also loves her new sock monkey. He makes her smile like no one else:

We tried to take a cutesy Christmas picture next to the tree but she was NOT happy and pretty much freaked out from the moment we put her festive outfit on. Oh well, there's always next year: