Monday, September 12, 2011

Walkie Talkie

Well, June took her first real steps the other day. I couldn't quite believe my eyes! She looked like she was about to fall over but somehow she managed to take three unaided steps. She's done it a few times since. Fearless thing, that girl. She's been threatening to walk for a while now, but I figured it probably wouldn't happen for at least a few more months. This little lady is ready to run! Seriously, she is crawling with such passion and speed that I cannot even begin to catch up. Here we go!

She has also been saying "Sat?" over and over and over. Interesting, I thought. Whatever does she mean? She has only really said Mama and Dada, nothing else. But apparently she was walking around with Doug and he kept saying "What's that?" She quickly started repeating "Sat? Sat? Sat?" and now she points at everything and says "Sat. Sat? Sat!" It's adorable. I can't get over it. Wasn't she just a helpless newborn? She is growing up too fast, it's all just too much!

She is also very into dancing. Whenever I put music on she will wiggle around and frantically move her head and arms. I've noticed she has taken a real liking to Prince in particular. Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from? It's the sweetest.

Well, that's the big news. More pictures to follow! XO

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