Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Girl Smiley

Hey all! June has been smiling a lot lately. She is soooooo close to laughing, though we are not *quite* there yet. Soon!

Anyhow, as an obsessive first-time mom on maternity leave, I am obligated to take WAAAAY too many baby pictures  and post them on this blog/Facebook... Now that we have gotten over the six-week hump, Miss June has turned into a somewhat reliable napper and has been letting me put her down every once in a while--which has given me some actual free time. And also gives me a chance to go to the bathroom and/or make a quick PB&J. Thanks Baby! Anyhow, I guess I should post as many pictures as possible right now... for when I go back to work I have a feeling things are going to get MUCH crazier and I wont have as much free time.

Speaking of, it's only one more month until I head back to work. It doesn't seem possible, but she's almost two months old and doing quite well, becoming more alert to the world, crying much less, and smiling a lot. This little gal melts my heart about 7 million times a day. Love her!

Until next time! XO

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