Tuesday, June 7, 2011


That is June's favorite new noise to make. She loves to ooh and aah, but she REALLY loves to squeal at the top of her lungs (preferrably in the most silent of situations such as: standing in line at the bank, walking into the library, etc...) It's just about the cutest noise I've ever heard. She's been so vocal lately, I love watching her pick up on new noises and try to mimic.

She's also been busy watching things. Very solemnly. Watching the leaves rustle. Watching the fan run in circles. Watching the cat. She's takes her watching very seriously, that June.

Everything is good... STILL waiting for summer to kick off. But at least it's not raining every day. Loving that I get to spend so much time with little Junie, she is really one of a kind!

Hanging out in the new crib. Hello!

Another face I love to make!

Just loungin'...

With Grandma Laura at a friend's birthday party. Fun!


  1. EEEEEEE!! I CANNOT wait to see her!!!!!

  2. All those sweet baby noises are so much fun!! You've got a seriously adorable little lady there!!!!